We Believe:
  • LGBT lifestyles are contrary to God’s plan for expression of human sexuality (Romans 1:16-32). God created them male and female (Genesis 1:27). Choosing an LGBT lifestyle creates unnecessary risks in emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects of life. These risks are documented in articles and studies on our website.
  • People with LGBT preferences should be treated with respect, love, and truth, for they, like us, are all made in the image of God
  • A spiritual war is going on between God and Satan. Satan’s plan is to destroy traditional marriage and the family. LGBT relationships and lifestyles are an assault on the family.
  •  Other aspects of this spiritual war are Satan’s strategies of pornography and comprehensive sexual education for students under the age of ten. These strategies separate husbands from wives and children from parents
  •  At all levels of our state educational system there is a deliberate effort to remove parents from being the primary role models for their children in the areas of sexuality and morality. The excuse to justify these changes at the local level is that local schools will lose funding if districts do not comply with state guidelines.
Our Mission:
  • Is to inform the citizens of Port Angeles and the Olympic Peninsula the dangers they and their children are experiencing. And to assist parents to respond to these affronts based on their constitutional rights to represent their children.
  • Is to alert people in every school district asking them to stand up to these assaults on our freedoms which are guaranteed through our constitution and God given rights.
  •  Is to have a dialogue with the LGBT community and in this conversation be a witness as to how Jesus brings joy and peace to the Christian life.