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Testimony’s - those proclamations that testify to profound change in our lives.
What Define's us?
By William Yucha
        Mat 18:21 Then Peter came up and said to him, "Lord, how often will my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?" Mat 18:22 Jesus said to him, "I do not say to you seven times, but seventy-seven times.
What we believe plays a large role in defining the quality of our lives. I believe in God... so how does that belief affect my life.
        First of all, let me say I have believed in God since I was in my twenty's.. Back then I allowed several things to define my life and it’s quality. When adversity would enter my life,  It came in the form of stress from arguments, fights, troubles of all sorts. Problems at work, troubles with my truck, problems with money, credit, you name it.... life is full of problems. Often times they {the circumstances of life} would become defining events in my life and I would emotionally camp at those troubling spots often for longer periods of time than were necessary. They had the power to become the reasons I wasn’t being successful, or progressing, or aspiring to new challenges in my life. By assigning blame to some incident in my life and becoming unwilling to forgive, I allowed that moment to define my life. The process of blaming someone for a wound allowed that event to be kept alive in my heart. Nursing those emotional wounds in my life
became my preoccupation and took a lot of emotional energy.
But as I grew in Christ, I began to realize several things. First God had a plan for my life! Did I know what it was?... not really. I knew I was to live for Him, and to be Like Him. But in time what did I learn was.
1. That God had the days of my life written in a book. {Psa. 139:16} First, That meant that what ever happened to me, whether, fight’s, accidents, sickness,  prosperity, success, or accomplishments. God was there. He knew all the good and bad that would happen in my life.. It was all written in His book. That gave me confidence, I felt like God had my back.
2.One of the things I was suppose to do was forgive as I had been forgiven. When I accepted Christ into my life, I became an adopted child of God. As my relationship with Jesus progressed my thinking and world view began to change and I began to change with it {Rom. 12:2}. When I forgave those who had hurt me, I was freed from the resentment and bitterness that had endowed the event with power over me. I was no longer trapped in time and space by my negative outlook or the crippling power of a hurtful event, but forgiveness had provided freedom !
3. The third thing I came to understand was that God was Sovereign {Isa.46:9,10}.  God is in control of all things, anything that happens to me, He already knows. He already knew  the prayer on my lips. In fact, many troubles were caused by me, by my own words and actions. Others things that happened to me were allowed by God because he wanted me to learn to depend on Him. Everything that happened to me became things I needed to learn. God was trying to get me to look up for my answers, and not depend on my own resources.
4. I found it very helpful to keep my focus on the bigger picture, instead of being focused on ME! If I narrowed my vision to what was happening to me, it was terrible.  When I looked at the larger picture of my life and realized that it wouldn’t always stay the same,  Things change and me along with them, then maybe it wasn’t so bad.
       So a relationship with a good and loving God has given me freedom from resentments and bitterness that I had formerly nursed and kept alive each time it came to mind. Truly the truth shall set you free. Whether you're a Child of God or not the truth is still the truth, and works for believers and non-believers alike.

     Where i found God
By Terry Trudel
     I was fortunate to be born into a Christian family…not only my parents, but grandparents, and many uncles and aunts shared their faith. We attended church most Sundays. Despite all this church activity no one asked me to accept Christ until the summer before my freshman year in high school. That summer I attended a YMCA camp. The last night of camp there was a candlelight service at which the speaker talked about going through life serving yourself or serving God. I decided for God…I felt a peace come over me. This was the beginning of my spiritual life!
     After that experience when I opened a bible to read it always grabbed my attention but it was very seldom. I was totally distracted by school, girls, and having fun. There is always something happening that takes our eyes off Jesus…and when we do, that peace leaves very quickly.
     After college and three years of medical school I finally found a woman to spend my life with…a Godly woman as it turned out. Over a period of years our shared faith created a beautiful relationship.
     I interned in Orange, California, where a strange thing happened. We still had the draft back then. I was in a program that delayed my service in the armed forces until I finished residency training for internal medicine. However, I decided not to study internal medicine which I conveyed to my draft board in the Spring of 1970. I expected an immediate draft notice and being sent to Viet Nam. Instead I received a letter stating they did not want me in the armed forces. Was this the Lord intervening in my life…assisting my plans? When we discussed this change of events I suggested we go to the mission field the next year. My wife liked the idea. Soon we were flying to the Territory of Papua New Guinea. Speaking for myself it would be fair to say I went to the mission field more out of curiosity than being called by God. But God is not put off by  that mind set…He will use you in any setting, despite the ungodly choices you make to get there. Now, at age 73, looking back , I can see his  gentle touch in many different ways. There have been many trials and blessings. I am slowly…very slowly learning to recognize He uses them both for his purposes…and my good.
B.C. ( Before Christ )
By Richard Coulson

      As a young man full of self, I walked in a worldly way for 40 years. A past full of drunken days. Most of my conversations based upon how much Alcohol I could consume and still be viable.

A.C. ( After Christ )

       The grace of God gave me a life with a beautiful Christian lady. Her patience must have been tested as she dusted my bible for almost 20 years before I opened it.
 Then came the day in 2009 that I opened the bible so I could read and try to understand the Christian world.
 As I read more and more, I became convicted and proceeded to be Baptized. What a change when I came out of the water. The Craving for alcohol left me and my thirst changed to daily reading of the word. Thank you Jesus!


Kathy's Story

By Kathy Gonzales

As a child, I was sexually abused and as a young adult raped.  Those two traumas distorted the way that I viewed sex, marriage, children, and God.  Chastity, +-why bother?  And God?  Where was he?  Did he even exist?  So at nineteen, I arrived as an agnostic into the life of a man seven years older than me who probably had even more problems than me.  However, he had a gentleness and the most beautiful blue eyes, said he loved me, that he would protect me.  His first way of protecting me meant getting on the birth control pill.  The pill didn’t work.  I still ended up pregnant and he told me, “No big deal, we’ll just get an abortion.”  I didn’t give it a second thought, no great moral dilemma haunted me.  After all ….abortion was legal.  The baby was just a blob of cells, and the man I loved …he wanted the abortion and I would do anything for him.   

So, I found myself on the abortion table.  I had never met the doctor.  As he performed the abortion, he became annoyed.  I wondered was the baby bigger than I thought.  Reality had hit and instinctively, I knew the exact moment the baby died, and I could not stop crying.  The nurse asked if anything hurt, I shook my head “no.”  I couldn’t explain to her the pain in my heart and soul.    She said, “Sweetie, you did the right thing.” The murder of my own child occurred in a matter of minutes.  How can I explain to you in words how those few minutes in the span of my life-time left me more traumatized than being molested or raped?  Added trauma onto trauma.   How I had moved from being a victim to a perpetrator.  What I had longed for most of my life, love and protection, I had denied to my own child.  How does a person deal with that kind of shame and guilt   the despair? 

Through years and years of denial…that’s how I dealt with it.  Through addictions, bouts of depression and suicidal thoughts.  Bad and destructive relationships.   But somehow through all the struggle, God showed up in my life.  I began a journey towards Jesus, admittedly with a number of detours along the way.  Especially with the help of the Silent No More Campaign and the Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat, I now know how much Jesus loves me, protects me, forgives me, and through his mercy has washed away the guilt and shame, .gave me the grace to heal….to share with you something I kept secret for so many years.  
Kathy Gonzales is a regional coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.  The campaign has three goals: 
To help people touched by abortion find healing.
2.) To educate society about the harmful after-effects of abortion.
3.) To discourage people from thinking abortion is a good solution to an unplannedpregnancy.

The website has over 2400 stories of regret with over 400 on video.  SilentNoMore has 17,000 plus members who also regret their abortion, their lost fatherhood, or the death of an aborted family member.   We share our stories, because our experience destroys the rhetoric, the lie, that women need abortion. Please feel free to contact Kathy Gonzales at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for further information

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