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This heading of Resources for coping has been split into two sections.

This- (Section 1) deals with How to protect our children from technology.

(Section 2) deals with how to protect our children from the education system

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Protect young eye’s
The web site
helps families, schools, and churches create safer digital environments. This site is all about protecting your children...and making you aware as parents what exactly the dangers of technology are. "Protect young eyes" review’s at least 66 different social media apps that young people are using on their tablets, computers, kindle and phones and other types of connections to the internet.
 They make it clear that--
(1) there’s no such thing as privacy in any app,
(2) any app that allows people to upload content is always going to have a very dark side, and
(3) any app that is difficult to monitor will have greater risk of abuse by teens.
This site is a must for parents to understand clearly the danger’s you’re children face as they access the internet. Also for churches, Christian Schools, Youth Groups... These people will come and do a presentation to your group. 
Learn more- Home page-
                     Their blog-
   The apps they review-
   The devices they explain-


Enough is Enough

 Enough is Enough... is a tremendous web site, full of information for parents to deal with every threat your child may face as they step into the world of smart phone’s, tablets, and computers.
Enough is Enough.. Is  a must- as a resource on how to educate yourself on the dangers that face your children in todays world. It includes research, resource links, statistics, currant articles... all of information you need on how to protect your children from the very dangers that they will face. Please check it out.. (click on the banner or follow this link )  Some of the topics they address are.
Cyber Bullying
Internet safety
Smart Phone safety


Parents Love Bark Parental Controls (We Do, Too!)
teenage boys sitting on curb looking at their phones28 Sep Parents Love Bark Parental Controls (We Do, Too!)
 Posted at 19:57h in Parenting by Chris McKenna
What is the Bark Monitoring Solution?
In their words, “Bark is an online safety solution powered by advanced algorithms that proactively alerts parents to potential dangers, including cyberbullying, sexting, drug use, internet predators, depression and suicidal thoughts – and provides expert recommendations on how to talk about issues as a family.”
There are parental control solutions that control WHAT kids see. These include filters like Mobicip or Covenant Eyes which both prevent pornography from being viewed. BARK is different because it tells parents HOW their kids are using popular apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and others.
That’s right – it’s an app that let’s you know what’s going on INSIDE Snapchat and Instagram. Kik and Twitter. And, that’s worth gold. learn  more-

what protect young eyes has to say about bark-

"Bark's" web site-


5 Reasons Why Social Media is Not Smart for Middle School Kids
girls hands working on an ipad

by Marilyn Evans: | Jan 18, 2018
It was disheartening when I read the stats: 7.5 million Facebook users in the U.S. are under 13! I may have even shed tears when I discovered that 5 million of those kids are under the age of 10! Parents, it’s time we talked about why social media is not smart for... Read more- 


Keep Kids Safe: 9 Ways Porn and Predators will Target Kids in 2018

by  Kristen Jenson and Marilyn Evans | Jan 11, 2018 |
By default, every device that connects kids to the internet also connects kids to porn. It’s that simple —and it’s that infuriating! To keep kids safe in the digital age, parents need to stay one step ahead of trends and know exactly what they are up against.
plastic man on a lap top computer

In this post we’ll highlight 9 major culprits that should be on every parent’s radar in 2018!

1. Apps that let porn slip past parental controls
In 2018 so many kids are growing up with a device in their hands from the time they leave the cradle.
In response to a question about the age recommendations for Amazon’s Fire HD 8 Kids Edition, one mom enthusiastically replied, “My eleven month old loves it, if he breaks it it will be replaced [free of charge], and it is saving my phone!”
Whether it’s a tablet at age two (not that we’re recommending it) or a smartphone at twelve, many parents believe the myth that if a browser has not been installed (or parental controls have been set) kids will be safe from all internet dangers. But not so! Read More-


Parent Alert! Disturbing Videos on YouTube Kids

children's face hidden behind a phone 888892 640By Kristen Jenson December 7 2017
We all cheered when YouTube Kids came out. Finally a safe place for kids to watch their favorite videos! Unfortunately, millions of disturbing YouTube Kids videos have been uploaded, bypassing filters meant to keep kids safe. (Keep reading to find our list of alternative parent-approved kid sites.) Read more-

Other Links relating to children safety....
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3.) How to Protect Children from Online Predators
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 6.) Internet safety
 7.) How to protect kids from an inappropriate internet.
8.) Cyber Patrol has combined forces with Content Watch and Net Nanny Keeping kids safe in cyberspace
  9.) #1 Call Monitoring & Child Cell Phone Tracker--Track Text Messages, GPS, and More


(Section 2) deals with how to protect our children from the education system
Steps to Protecting Our Children from the Gay Agenda
child sitting in door way crying

The gay movement intends to capture the next generation. We need to take action to protect our children! The gay agenda surrounds us daily. President Obama’s recently declared his support for gay marriage Hollywood is pushes for gay marriage in films like Brokeback Mountain”  “Milk”  to  TV series like “The Perfect Family” X-Men directors are they using diabolical subterfuge to shove gay propaganda down the throats of our children. While homosexuals are only 1-2% of the population, they account for as many as 40% of all child molestations in the U.S. The Journal of the American Medical Association reported:

50 percent of male AIDS victims reported having sex with an adult male by the age of 16.

20 percent of male AIDS victims had sex with an adult male by age 10.    Read more-


Why the most realistic solution to Schools Trans Indoctrination is withdrawing your kids.

a rainbow colored peace sign at a rallyBy Margot Cleveland August 30,2017

Last week brought news of three troubling incidents entangling children as young as five in the ever-sprawling transgender agenda. First, as The Federalist’s Joy Pullmann detailed, a California charter school, Rocklin Academy, began the school year with the kindergarten teacher reading students a book about transgenderism.

After story-time ended, a male classmate suffering from gender dysphoria changed clothing and reappeared in a “gender reveal” as his “real” self—a “girl.” Parents only learned of the “lesson” when their confused and upset five-year-olds returned home that day. The parents showed up in force at their school board meeting to chastise the administrators for failing to inform them of the planned events or offer them the opportunity to opt their children out. Read more-


How to Talk to Your Children About Homosexuality
two girls walking one talking and one listening

By Focus on the Family
Homosexuality has become increasingly visible in our culture, moving from acceptance and normalization to celebration and promotion. This is happening in every area of life, from education to entertainment, from the media to the marketplace, and from cities and counties to courts and churches.

Rapid Changes

Think about the tremendous changes we've seen, just since today's Senior High students were born:  1997 was the year comedienne Ellen DeGeneres "came out" and was featured on the cover of Time magazine.  2004 was the year "same-sex marriage" was ordered by the Supreme Court of Massachusetts, the first state to redefine marriage.  "Glee" premiered on television in 2009, with a storyline focusing on a male character identifying as gay.  2012 was when President Barak Obama finally "evolved" on the issue of marriage, fully supporting its redefinition to include two men or two women.    And today?  Read more-


What can we Do?... Stand up!...Be counted!

audience at a large meeting

 By Terry Trudel

What can we Do?- You will notice in the articles above that there is not a lot of help for people who want to change the indoctrination that their children are receiving. Some of it covered under Washington State Law.

On a State level-

1.) Sign up with a Christian watch organization  like Family Policy Insitute of Washington to be notified of laws that will effect you or those you love.
 Email, write, call  your legislators and share your opinions. Desires, and thoughts over every law that causes you concern. Remember a law that Benefits the L.G.B.T. agenda spells loss of freedoms for you as a Christian.
2.) Talk to your pastors help them to realize the power for good as every Christian does his or her civic duty in supporting the democracy we have.
3.) Organize someone in your church who will alert the other Christians to speak out to Legislators.
Band together.. There is power in numbers.  

On a local Level
A. ) In regard to- Implementation of the policy mandated by Obama’s executive order. We are opposed to this as it is not consistent with longstanding cultural values of privacy and safety.
 B.) In regard to- Mandating that all students use the bathroom and locker room facilities that correspond to their biological sex. We do not think this is the best solution as it does not recognize the unique status of transgender students. We feel the best solution is: to provide a separate bathroom/locker room facility for transgender students.

1.) Write the school superintendent and all school board members asking them to change their existing policy's and procedures which allows transgender students to use the facility that corresponds to their stated gender identity.
 2.) Attend School board meeting and express your dissatisfaction with the current policy and procedure.
 3.) Speak to your pastor about alerting members of your congregation to this issue. Let us be salt and light in our community.
 4.) Pray for resolution of this issue through discussion and recognition of its complex nature and for meeting the need of all students
 5.) Consider conducting prayer walks at our schools and the school administration building on fourth street.
 6.) familiarize yourself by reviewing the information on transgender / homosexual issues on this website... click on our New's, media, and research and resources pages for articles, videos and resources.
 Responsibility: We all share the responsibility for our culture and what we leave for future generations. When the culture is determined by a small number of people so that safety and privacy are at risk.. we need to speak up so our voices can be heard.

The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of the government in the next.
                                                                                                                         --Abraham Lincoln


othe links on this topic-

1.) Christian Kids-- and their Faith-- Not SAFE at School
 2.) Homosexuality in your child’s school
  3.) Dobson urges Christians to flee public schools
  4.) How schools are pushing transgenderism to children. More radical and aggressive than ever