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A brief History

By Terry Trudel
The impetus for creating R.O.A.R. came from decisions made by the Port Angeles School Superintendent and school board Re: Sex education and how to handle transgender students in the school system. You can find a brief history of the decisions that effect our students here in Port Angeles, and what you as tax paying citizens can do about what is happening here, below.

          The three founders of this web site have attended two trainings for the Port Angeles school board and several school board meetings over the last 18 months. During this period of time we have become increasingly concerned about the direction our school board is taking and how their decisions are are affecting the school environment. We are not criticizing the academic program or the teaching staff...they do a wonderful job. Our specific concerns are noted below:   

1.) Sex Education: We feel their F.L.A.S.H. program indicates that all forms of Sexual lifestyles are acceptable natural and normal. You can see what the school has been doing by clicking on “News” and read about what is happening here in Port Angeles under “local News”
2.) Gender issues: Our children are being taught about Gender, and encouraged to follow the gender that they feel they are. You can read the latest studies on the effect that has on their lives on our “Research page”
3.) SBHC’s School Based Health Centers: here in Port Angeles will be driving a wedge between parents and children by providing abortion referrals and birth control to students with out parents knowledge. This is legal here in Washington State.
 We want you to be informed...knowledgeable so that you’re in control of what’s happening to your child. And know what you can do about it if you don’t like what going to happen to them. As you read our web pages you will see the truth about the indoctrination that is going on K-12. 

 ROAR is an acronym for- reason, options, action, and responsibility.

Reason- To consider different perspectives, examine relevant evidence, discuss in a respectful manner, and reach conclusions beneficial to the health and well being of our community.

Options- To consider options that respect and honor the entire community.

Action- To choose options that contribute to the health and well being of the community.

Responsibility- We have a responsibility to recognize the choices we make impact the lives of individuals in serious ways. There is an existing duty for each of us to provide opportunity and to create an environment that builds people into better citizens.

Consider-Transgender identity / Bathroom and Locker room decisions-a brief history:

  In May 2016 the Obama administration sent a dear colleague letter to every school district in the United States warning that they must allow students to use whatever bathroom or locker room that corresponds to their chosen gender identity, or face a federal lawsuit. Texas and 12 other states sued the federal government to prevent implementation of Obama‘s executive order. the state of Washington through the office of superintendent of public instruction OSPI www.k12.wa.us/
Asked all school districts to comply with Obama‘s executive order. Port Angeles School District complied relatively quickly. Since Obama’s “Dear Colleague” letter, President Trump has sent a similar letter to all the schools removing the threat of a lawsuit for noncompliance and instead left it up to the state’s. In our state it is currently a state law.

Obama‘s executive order reversed thousands of years of cultural belief that there are two sexes, male and female. It also contradicted the science of genetics which has failed to discover a gene responsible for homosexuality, or trans gender expression of sexuality. In point of fact every cell in the human body carries the genetic code for being either male or female. This cannot be altered by either hormonal manipulation or surgical intervention. Despite science and commonsense many in the L.G.B.T. (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender) Community continue to insist “they are born that way” or “this is the way I feel” to explain their behavior. This false belief has been accepted by approximately half the people in the United States.
How did this happen:
 Activists members of the LGBT community have been very astute in their methods of influencing public opinion. They have achieved positions of power in health organization such as the American psychiatric Association, the American psychological Association, and the American Association of social workers. They have gained positions of power in universities, the court system, and every level of government. They use power to intimidate The public, elected officials, businesses and states by threatening demonstrations or boycotts. Through the careful selection and use of certain words they manipulate emotional responses in the public. Some of these words are, discrimination, fairness and hate. They accuse anyone who disagrees with them of discrimination. No no no! Disagreement simply means one person has a different understanding than someone else on an issue. Disagreement does not mean discrimination. However, the accusation can generate fear and shame in the accused. Fear and shame are powerful emotions that cause people to disengage in the process of problem-solving. Members of the LGBT community assert that transgender individuals are being discriminated against when they cannot use the bathroom, locker room, or shower that corresponds to their chosen gender identity. Separating the sexes is not discrimination! Separation provides protection and privacy for both sexes. No attention has been given to the population of young women in high school who have been sexually assaulted in someway. Statistics indicate that number can be as high as 20% by the time of graduation. these young women generally do not want to be in the presence of a male in a locker room or bathroom as it can stimulate memories of their sexual assault. When people are not safe in any environment learning is impaired or even stops, because much of their energy is directed to maintaining safety. Members of the LGBT community accuse any who disagrees with them of hate! It is true that some have been judgmental and some may have expressed hate..... this is regrettable as it tears are social environment apart and exacerbates division in our communities. However most who are objecting to former President Obama’s bathroom policy are simply wanting to preserve their privacy and safety.


What can we Do?
 Options- 1.) In regard to: Implementation of the policy mandated by Obama’s executive order. We are opposed to this as it is not consistent with longstanding cultural values of privacy and safety.
 2.) In regard to: Mandating that all students use the bathroom and locker room facilities that correspond to their biological sex. We do not think this is the best solution as it does not recognize the unique status of transgender students.
 3.) We feel the best solution is: to provide a separate bathroom/locker room facility for transgender students.
1.) Write the school superintendent and all school board members asking them to change their existing policy's and procedures which allows transgender students to use the facility that corresponds to their stated gender identiy.
 2.) Attend School board meeting and express your dissatisfaction with the current policy and procedure.
 3.) Speak to your pastor about alerting members of your congregation to this issue. Let us be salt and light in our community.
 4.) Pray for resolution of this issue through discussion and recognition of its complex nature and for meeting the need of all students
 5.) Consider conducting prayer walks at our schools and the school administration building on fourth street.
 6.) familiarize yourself by reviewing the information on transgender / homosexual issues on this website... click on our New's, media, and research pages for articles, videos and resources.
 Responsibility: We all share the responsibility for our culture and what we leave for future generations. When the culture is determined by a small number of people so that safety and privacy are at risk.. we need to speak up so our voices can be heard.